How DAFI Makes the Impossible Possible


Have you ever felt overwhelmed during a lecture, desperately trying to jot down every detail? Welcome to the future of academic success!

1.🎙️ Real-Time Audio Capture: Don’t miss a word! Our AI kicks in at the start of your lecture, isolating your professor’s voice from background noises.

  1. ✨ Instant Magical Transcription: Thanks to deep learning, we process dialects, academic jargon, and complex terms, generating perfect lecture notes.
  2. 🎯 Pinpoint Key Points: Beyond mere transcription, our AI analyzes content to highlight the golden nuggets of your lectures, the main ideas, and the essential details for your exams. A complete and quick review? Easy!
  3. 🔖 Smart Highlighting: Key concepts, date reminders, or assignments? We automatically highlight them. A glance at your notes, and you know what’s essential.
  4. 📂 Smooth Storage & Search: Say goodbye to hunting through disorganized notes. Yours are neatly stored, ready to be consulted or shared. And with our quick search function, access the subject and course you’re looking for directly.
  5. 💡 Evolving with You: DAFI adapts its accuracy and highlighting skills to match your unique academic journey.

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DATA COLLECTION To begin, we collect a wide range of your writings (essays, emails, homework, etc.) to understand your unique style.
MODEL TRAINING We then use these texts to train the GPT-4 model. During this phase, our AI learns to recognize and reproduce the patterns of your writing: vocabulary, sentence structure, tone, etc.
FINE-TUNING To make the customization even more precise, we adjust certain parameters, such as « temperature, » which controls the variability of the AI’s responses.
SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS You can give us specific instructions to refine the AI’s style: use of metaphors, formality of language, favorite expressions…

Adaptability to Courses and Subjects

Use of Fine-Tuning

Fine-tuning is a machine learning technique where a pre-trained model is adapted to a specific task or domain. After initial training on a large, generalist dataset, the model is fine-tuned using a more specialized dataset. This allows the model to better grasp the nuances of a given task or domain.

For instance, if you are a political science student, AI can be fine-tuned to understand and generate relevant content in that specific field.

« Temperature » is another parameter that becomes crucial in an educational context. It allows adjusting the level of creativity or rigor of the model. A higher temperature can be useful for creative subjects like writing or art, where one might seek more original ideas. Conversely, a lower temperature would be preferable for subjects requiring high precision, like mathematics or sciences, where approximations are not tolerable.

In summary, thanks to fine-tuning and temperature adjustment, our AI aligns perfectly with your educational needs, whether it’s assisting with literature homework or solving complex problems in physics. This customization ensures that you receive assistance that is not only intelligent but also incredibly relevant and tailored to your educational curriculum.

Specific Hyperparameters:

Adjusting other model parameters, such as the weight of different neural layers, to further refine the output results.


We are aware of the ethical implications of this service and commit to respecting the confidentiality of your data and preventing any misuse.